Urgent - Fix for IBM Connections Cloud customers for Buzzy Widget

Hi, IBM has changed the way widgets work for IBM Conneections Cloud and this impacts the Buzzy widgets (and other apps too), please follow these important steps to ensure you can re-enabled them, thanks.

To remove the previously defined extensions for Buzzy (Community Widget, Top Menu Navigation and Activity Stream)

  1.    Open Admin -> Manage Organisation
  2.    Open Organsation Extensions
  3.    Select all Buzzy extensions
  4.    Press Delete

To RE-add Buzzy through the App Catalog:

  1.    Open Admin -> Manage Organisation
  2.    Open Apps
  3.    Click 'Get' or 'Configure' on Buzzy'
  4.    Follow the setup wizard

Any issues please email support@buzzy.buzz or contact use via your support Buzz.

Also please don’t miss our new cool capabilities allowing users to create customer actions and workflows of integrating with IBM Connections IBM Watson Workspace see https://medium.com/buzzy-blog/smart-ways-to-extend-your-enterprise-collaboration-solutions-by-integrating-intelligent-instant-a70547cf2e59