Rearranging content in a Buzz

First up: Do you have edit rights to the Buzz? Click the participants (‘People’) button under the Buzz title, and check if you’re listed as an ‘owner’ or ‘author’ - if not, you won’t be able to edit it.

In a browser, rearranging content in a Buzz is a simple matter of drag and drop*.

  1. With edit rights to the Buzz, you should see a grey pencil icon in a circle at the top right of each content item (each text block, image gallery etc) in the Buzz.
  2. Click anywhere on the item, or on the pencil icon - you should see a blue dotted border as the content item gets focus, with a solid blue bar across the top of it.
  3. Click and drag on the + arrow icon in the center of the top blue bar to pick it up and move it.
  4. As you drag it across the content area, pale blue ‘drop zones’ will appear above / below / in between other items on the Buzz as you drag the item.
  5. Drop the dragged item inside the pale blue ‘drop zone’ to place it there.

* Note this applies only to the browser-based versions of Buzzy and the official app - the offline-capable mobile iOS and Android beta React Native versions of the app currently don’t allow editing of a Buzz.