IBM Watson Workspace Slash Commands

Remember with Watson Workspace you need to click the popup and the the additional command like help or template find travel


/buzzy Slash Command

help - basic help

show - show Buzzes (Apps) which have this workspace as a member of this Workspace

template find <topic> where <topic> can be a title or tagged public template. eg “travel”, “work” etc etc you can then Create which will create a buzz based on specific template and the Workspace will be a member. The user who created it will be an owner of the buzz

template create <templateID> where <templateID> is the GUID of the template that can be grabbed from the template url

template view <buzzID> where <buzzID> is the unique GUID of the the buzz

<custom actionID> param1 param2 ... - where <custom actionID> is a custom action identifier eg /buzzy invoice 1234