Getting Started with IBM Watson Workspace and Buzzy

To get started with IBM Watson Workspace and Buzzy see this video:


  1. Sign into Buzzy with the IBM Watson Workspace (WW) option

  2. Create a Space on WW or use and existing Space and add Buzzy “app” to your Watson Workspace Space

  3. Create an buzz (app) directly from the WW Space by finding the template on Buzzy eg /buzzy template list / or /buzzy template find <search term> eg/buzzy template find travel` and add the app to the space by adding it. You can also take an existing Buzzy app (buzz) and add the WW Space as a participant.

  4. You can now create content in the Buzzy app and query it from the WW space.

  5. Advanced: You can create custom slash commands in your Buzzy app allowing you to perform custom actions from WW Space/conversation.