Buzzy Formula Language

Buzzy formulas for calculated/computed fields, show/hide formulas and validation formula rely on JSONATA.

The language is based on JSONATA see

Each row in a microapp will be represented as a JSON object basedon field label:field text value

For example, if we have a row in a micro app with Product, Price and Quantity
Imagine a JSON object like

   Product:"Widget 1",
   Quantity: 3,
   Price: 5

you could then do things like:

  1. add a Total (formula field type) and set the formula to Quantity * Price
  2. add a validation formula on quantity: Quantity < 10
  3. add cross field validation on Price something like (Quantity * Price) < 100

Example use custom validation for a phone number regex:

Phone ~> /^[+]*[(]?[0-9]{1,4}[)]?[-\s\./0-9]*$/

Where field name is Phone

Example show to owners and authors only:

user.highestRole = "owner"  or user.highestRole = "author"

If the field is of a type that gives you an array… for example field type is Checkboxes, then you can do things like "A" in Checkboxes for the formula, if you wanted to check if “A” was selected and use that to show/hide a field.